WBLA Rules


Westside Business Leaders Assoc., Inc

Last Amended: October 18, 2012

These Rules are promulgated pursuant to Article II, Section 4, of the By-Laws of
the above named corporation and all references are to the By-Laws.

1. Administrative year and fiscal year (see Article II Section 5):
Both the administrative and fiscal years shall be from January 1 through December 31.

2. Duties of the First Vice President (see Article IV Section 2):
In addition to the duties listed in the By-Laws, the first vice president will solicit advertisers for the web-site, directory and other sources of advertising and monitor existing ads for renewal.

3. Duties of the Secretary (see Article IV Section 4):
In addition to the duties listed in the By-Laws, the secretary shall maintain records for membership drives and membership sponsors (which determines eligibility for the Lighthouse Club and green jacket with Lighthouse patch) and other activities that require detailed record keeping not covered by the treasurer’s duties.
An administrative assistant may be recruited by the secretary to provide assistance to the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons as directed by the President. This shall be a paid independent contractor position and shall not be an employer/employee relationship. A contractual set of guidelines shall be developed by the Board of Directors for this position.

4. Duties of Sergeants at Arms (see Article IV Section 7):
The 50/50 drawing funds are to be given either to the treasurer or the secretary for recording and deposit.

5. Membership Dues (see Article VI):
Dues apply for an administrative year.
The directory shall be available for distribution no later than March 31st and any member not renewing by February 28th shall not be assured of being in the directory. Renewing members shall not be considered new members in a membership drive. A previous member who rejoins after not having been a member for at least one
administrative year may be considered a new member for a membership drive. Any new member joining between January 1 and August 31 shall be required to pay a full year’s dues. Any new member joining between June 1 and August 31 shall be given a voucher that will act as a credit for one-half of that member’s renewal dues for the following year. It shall be the responsibility of the new member to submit the voucher at the time of renewal. New members joining after August 31 shall be considered paid through the end of the following year.

  • Regular individual dues are $100.00 per year.
  • Corporate dues are $125.00 per year.
  • Commencing 2012, dues for past presidents completing a full term shall have their yearly dues reduced by 50%.
  • High School Students dues are $25.00 per year.
  • College Student dues are $50.00 per year.
  • Recruited high school students do not qualify for membership drive.
  • City council members shall receive a free membership if requested by them.
  • Corporate membership allows two voting members from the same organization.
  • Additional voting corporate members dues are $50.00 per year.
  • Any number of members from the same organization are welcome at meetings.
  • Name badges shall be provided for dues paying members only.

6. Directory and Web-Page (see Article VII):

  • One-Half page ad $50.00
  • Full page ad $100.00
  • Full back page ad $150.00
  • Link on Website $35.00

Advertising in the Directory permits the advertiser a free link on the website.
Membership contact information (business only) will be posted on the web-site unless a member requests otherwise.

7. Access and Authorization for Internet Credit Card Information shall be limited to The President, First Vice President, and Treasurer.

8. Other advertising:
Prospective member bag advertising shall be one time fee of $50.00. All other advertising plans and fees shall be as determined by the Board of Directors. All advertising may be renewed on anniversary date of ad.

9. Resolutions/Motions at Board Meetings (see Article V Section 4)
Any Board decision involving an expenditure in excess of $500.00 shall be presented to the membership at the next regular general meeting for a vote.

10. General Meeting Agenda Format (see Article II Section 1)
The suggested agenda format for general meetings is as follows:
A. Welcome, invocation, and pledge of allegiance
B. Self-introduction of members
C. Spotlight Speaker
D. Speaker
E. 50/50 drawing
F. Door prizes
G. Other club business and miscellaneous

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