The Club With A Vision

The Westside Business Leaders Association is both a community service organization and a place to encourage Westside business owners and business leaders by offering networking opportunities, presenting informative speakers, and sharing community among members.

Our motto is “The Club with a Vision.” However, there are many important themes within our organization. We also believe in Giving to the Community, Building for the Future and making the Westside a better place to live and work by:

  • Encouraging members to do business with each other on the Westside
  • Improving the public image of business and businesspeople
  • Assisting each other in solving business problems
  • Working to help improve schools, streets and public safety
  • Assisting proposed legislation that abets a good business climate, as well as discouraging harmful legislation

The main idea is that the Westside of Jacksonville is a good place to live, and it’s getting better every day. People and businesses are moving to the Westside in droves, and we want to keep the quality of our community high as the growth continues.

The WBLA is here to help Jacksonville’s Westside get the best results possible.

Letter of encouragement from Governor of Florida We want a higher quality of life for our residents, and we want to make our area businesses successful. Our mostimportant initiatives, however are focused on education. We give several scholarships each year to encourage borderline high school students to go to college. Several of our members are educators and the WBLA unanimously agrees that we must make sure that our youth are as educated as possible in today’s world. It’s the best survival tool a person can have.

A Word From Our Educational Partners
Strong schools and strong businesses build a strong community. We at Waverly Academy are proud to be partnered with Westside Business Leaders in building a strong & vibrant community.
~Arron Paternoster, Waverly Academy

Click here to see the letter from Waverly Academy.